Great Lakes ORV GPS Maps - ORV Trail Systems in Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin

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Complete Coverage for Michigan and Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Full road coverage, rivers, lakes, towns and more. Points of interest, parking lots, lodging, gas stations.

Public Land is shown including State Forests, county forests, national forests, Parks, Wildlife Mangement Areas, public hunting areas and related including commercial forest land.

Includes current Motor Vehicle Use Map data to help you identify open/legal roads on National Forest lands.

Includes current Michigan DNR State Forest Road open/closed status for ORVs.

Includes county roads designated as open to ORVs by ordinance. In WI, these roads must also be signed with an ATV Route sign for the road to be open/legal, check local conditions to verify the Route is open.

These maps visually show the different ORV Trail/ATV Trail, Motorcycle-Only Trail, Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail, ORV Route/ATV Route, county road, county road open to ORV, highways, forest roads and more.